From Two to One

#myfirstbook ‘From Two to One’ will officially launch on February 19, 2022, at #AmeliaIndieAuthors virtual book festival.

It has been quite the journey, and I’m finally allowing myself to enjoy it.

I initially started writing to get through the pain of losing my spouse. As time passed, I realized that #grief had invaded every area of my life. I had a difficult time believing that I would ever feel happiness again.

As I walked through the various experiences, I saw that there was life before grief, and there was undoubtedly life during the grief process. I just had to commit to participating in it.

I became motivated to write about my painful journey because hope appeared as I walked through my life. I wished that I could again have a life worth living. At first, there were small hope-filled glimpses. Then the moments became an afternoon and eventually a day.

If you have gone from being a Two to a One, may hope fill your days and peace fill your heart.

This book may be purchased at Amazon.